About Us

Space Miracle Studios

SPACE MIRACLE STUDIOS is one of the most reputed film and television studio and production house based in Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh. A brainchild of Alison Welly, an MBA graduate in Finance from the reputed Punjab Technical University, the whole idea behind the inception of this production house is to nurture creativity and portray the exponential talents and the creative minds in Arunachal and Northeast in general, to a global platform.

Core Values

The core values and objectives of this company lies in our firm belief and faith that film and television can go beyond boundaries to spread a message of peace and love. In our company, we strive to bring out a product that is not only appeasing to the eyes but to touch hearts through a creation that would linger and remain in the minds of the millions and inspire them.

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire others to explore the unexplored horizons of the rich Northeast India. We also aspire to promote the richness of this region and its cultural diversity to the boundaries that goes beyond the state and the country.

Our Vision

We are a promising group of highly creative individuals and we create original documentaries and films that promote nature, culture and civilization. We also dedicate ourselves to communicate a powerful and universal message that a dream no matter how fantastic it may seem, is achievable through hard work and strong will.